The Company

Welcome to Carebridge Technology : The World of Healthcare Innovation.

CareBridge Technologies is pioneer in realm of Telemedicine.With a blend of Embeded Systems,Mobility,IT,and Medicine domain expertise,it finds itself wellpositioned to provide cutting edge solution in Telemedicine.Under the guidance of Dr.Paranjpe and able leadership of Mr.Tendulkar,CareBridge has leaveraged it's expertise to come up platforms for Medical Emergency,Critical Care,Homecare and Maternal-Child Care.These Solutions help build caregivers ecosystem thereby reaching out to the millions otherwise prevented from getting the expertise due to geographical distances. Look forward to innovative solutions from CareBridge.

Our Vision

Focus on development of, complete solutions which combines products and services catering to specific needs of Indian healthcare delivery system using software based framework, internet services and mobile telephony which will bridge the distance between patient and health services in most cost effective manner.

Our Mission

Minimum 1% Indian population should be using care-bridge platform by 2018