Care bridge Technologies wants to promote collaboration and efficiency by providing you the option of any device integration with our software.

API & Integration

API stands for Application Programming Interface.  API which enable websites to interact with each other by using REST, SOAP, JavaScript and other web technologies.

Medical devices integration

Several trends in healthcare are aligning to cause medical device integration to accelerate rapidly. When integrated with an EHR, vital signs and other medical device results also provide data that can be used to enhance clinical decision support initiatives. Medical device integration with EHR will accelerate further, ultimately enabling all devices to deliver data that clinicians use as a seamless part of their patient care workflows. While challenges such as device security must be addressed, hospitals will take advantage of medical device integration to reduce errors, improve patient outcomes and staff productivity, capture additional revenue, and meet regulatory requirements.

Data sampling

Integrates data at the needed pace which means at time interva

Data selection

Allows the user to choose which data he want at time or selection of all. Data that is unnecessary to the receiving system can be filtered out prior to sending it.

Data transformation compliance

Receiving systems often require data to be received in a specific format such as HL7, HIPAA etc.